Avoid the 8 Month Wait for Driving Tests

We have conducted research and found that the most popular driving test centres within the M25 circular Road are experiencing waiting times of up to 8 months. We understand that this can cause frustration and delays for both you and your students.

Fast Track Driving Test Service

That's why we want to inform you about our cancellation booking service. We offer a priority driving test booking schedule that allows you or your students to take advantage of cancelled test slots. This means you can get a test date much sooner than the normal waiting time.

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Currently, the waiting period for a driving test is up to 8 months.

With BDS London we can help you avoid this.

As an instructor, you can pay us directly, and we will place your student on our driving test priority list. Alternatively, you may wish to inform your students about our service so they can take advantage of it themselves.

We understand that the relationship between instructor and student is essential. We want to assure you that our driving school, "Best Driving School London," will not interfere with that relationship. We simply offer a service to help students get their driving test sooner.

If you the instructor elect to Book Your Student onto our "Fast Track Driving Test Booking service" we will simply assist you in getting the required Driving Test for your student.n We have a number of instructors who use our services to find driving test cancellations for their students.

We know that waiting for a driving test can be stressful, but with our cancellation booking service, you and your students can avoid the long waiting times and get on the road sooner. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a priority driving test slot.

The table below depicts the average waiting time for tests as at the end of April 2023. In some test centres, times have reduced since the Covid shutdowns of 2020. However, the highest frequented driving test centres still have extensively long waiting time periods.

As an instructor, we will work with you to help you and the student find the most appropriate driving test to suit both your schedules.

avoid the 8 month wait for a driving test?

Simply contact one of our client managers at "020 7390 688" or full in our online booking form below.

Alternatively, you can contact Louise on the following mobile number; 079 0296 2374 - WhatsApp enabled as well.

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