Terms and Conditions

This online platform functions as an extension of Best Driving School London Ltd., established at https://bestdrivingschoollondon.com. Your use or access to this platform signifies your agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Please be aware that your engagement with this site, including any form of communication made through it, means you are in agreement with the terms, conditions, and privacy policy set out by Best Driving School London Ltd. Although this platform advertises the services of driving instructors in designated regions, Best Driving School London Ltd. oversees their operational and customer support functions centrally.

Central Administration and Oversight

The central administration and oversight of this platform, particularly concerning data collection and privacy matters, are the responsibility of Best Driving School London. This includes:

Centralised Control: The entire control over user data, privacy policies, and terms and conditions is held centrally by Best Driving School London, ensuring uniformity and adherence to legal obligations.

Consistent Administrative Procedures: Expect a uniform standard of data protection and privacy across all platforms under the administration and oversight of Best Driving School London Ltd.

Direct Communication Channels: For any enquiries or concerns about data, privacy, or usage of the platform, Best Driving School London provides a central point of contact for efficient and comprehensive responses.

Benefits of Centralised Administration

The centralised administration of platforms managed by Best Driving School London Ltd. comes with multiple advantages:

Improved Data Safeguarding: Centralised administration enables the application of comprehensive security measures across all platforms, securing your personal data effectively.

Uniform User Interface: A consistent and uniform experience in data privacy and platform usage is assured across all sites managed by Best Driving School London Ltd.

Simplified Contact Process: Queries or concerns can be addressed to Best Driving School London's central administration, facilitating a simpler communication process.

Consistent Adherence to Regulations: Centralised control ensures that all data practices and policies are uniformly compliant with legal and regulatory standards.

Getting in Touch

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions or the data handling practices of this platform, please contact Best Driving School London at:

Website: https://bestdrivingschoollondon.com/

Email: admin@bestdrivingschool.london

Phone: 020 7390 0688

Updates to Terms and Conditions

The right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time is reserved by us. Such amendments will be published on this platform. We advise you to regularly check this platform for any updates.

For access to the central administration’s terms and conditions, please visit: https://bestdrivingschoollondon.com/terms-conditions/

Information regarding the Privacy Policy and GDPR adherence can be found at: https://bestdrivingschoollondon.com/privacy-policy/